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Spring: Tips & Resources

Shop Monrovia

Shop Monrovia allows you to order plants online and have them shipped to us right at McCue Garden Center

You can now shop for plants from the comfort of your own home! From trees and shrubs to vines to gorgeous flowering perennials, Monrovia’s plants are carefully taken care of until they are ready for you to plant and enjoy them.

Select from thousands of varieties chosen by Monrovia for our area and growing zones. Select your preferred sizes. Or, shop by category. Monrovia will ship only when your plants are ready. Because bloom times and other conditions may vary, delivery may take up to 3 to 4 weeks.

You’ll be notified by Monrovia when your plants are drop-shipped to McCue Garden Center.  McCue's will contact you when they arrive so you can plan on picking them up. Your plants will arrive specially packaged with your name clearly visible.
The plants come with an information label that offers step-by-step planting instructions and a text code for additional care info.

Ordering during the winter? No problem! Monrovia will care for your plants until Spring and then ship them when they are ready to be planted.

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