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Crate of Vegetables


Edible Garden: Our Products


Have beautiful white spring blossoms and striking fall foliage similar to the burning bush. When the leaves fall off in the winter blueberry bushes offer beautiful yellow or red stem color. Use two different varieties for best results. We carry: Patriot -matures 3-5ft tall and Bluejay – matures 6-7 ft. tall. Both are hardy New England favorites.


Blooms in the spring are superb disease and insect resistant. We carry: Chester self-fertile and thorn less. This late-season producer gives a bounty of high quality berries.



The only way to get a perfect raspberry is to grown your own. Transportation and storage is not kind to this soft fruit. We carry: Caroline and Everbearing early starter.


Soft fleshy leaves perfect for stuffing, give way to the fruit. In the fall the leaves turn burgundy red and in the winter, they drop off, revealing the woody grapevine. We carry: Concord Grape seedless.

Farm fresh tomatoes and sweet corn avail


Most of our vegetables are sold in 4” pots, 6-packs or patio pots. We have been growing tomato and vegetable plants here since the 1930’s. We are quiet sure we have everything. We’ve got white eggplant, long eggplants, round eggplant….and the list goes on. Best thing to do is come down and take a look for yourself, see our quality, ask some questions. Chances are you might meet an old timer who has been growing eggplant for 50 years, who would be happy to share his secrets.


We carry all the herbs you could ever need for your kitchen or vegetable garden. Plant these popular herbs in your garden like basil, thyme, and dill, and enjoy some fresh-from-the-earth taste at your dinner table.

Green Vegetables

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