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Dwarf Conifers small-scale statements

Each year, we search far & wide to find special, one of a kind items for your home gardening and landscaping needs. This year, it’s definitely the variety of gorgeous conifers that are going to make a statement. Read a description from our west-coast supplier below, describing how unique and special they are:


In the Pacific Northwest, conifers show off their powerful structure, quiet beauty and indomitable character during winter. They stand out under gray skies and hold their own against wind, rain and ice. Gardeners, even those with tiny spaces, can enjoy the strength and charm of these Northwest icons at home with diminutive versions of these forest trees, collectively called dwarf conifers. A wide color range of foliage and numerous shapes and textures mean that gardeners can use dwarf conifers for an accent to make a statement or to draw attention to detail.

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