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Quality Standards Sell More Mulch

Not all mulches are created equal. The premium bark mulches that we source are more consistent, have a richer color and better texture, because we start with quality bark from northeastern forests. Our mulches are preferred by discriminating gardeners throughout New England.
Our providers have built state-of-the-art production facilities and an experienced crew around industry-leading processing techniques. The fibrous texture of the bark mulch, rich in smell and color is ideal for gardens, where it provides a more favorable environment for roots, prevents erosion and enhances the contrast of plantings.
The mulches moderate soil temperature and retain moisture, reducing the need to water. They mitigate splashing from rain or irrigation water, reducing the spread of disease, and block the germination of many weeds. In time they will decompose and lend their nutrients to the soil.

Unique Coloration Process

Our Midnight Black Mulch is a mixture of softwoods and hardwoods. It is color-enhanced with an environmentally safe black carbon colorant and aged to maintain its black color throughout the season. Our Hemlock Blend Mulch is color-enhanced with an environmentally safe iron oxide. These are applied dry, in a process that adheres better than liquid colorants. Dry tinting adds less weight than liquid, reducing transportation costs and increasing shipment volumes. This coloration process also allows the natural scent to prevail without the sour smell associated with liquid-tinted mulches.

Environmentally Friendly

The raw materials for our mulches are recovered from wood manufacturing operations that do not use the bark. Much of our raw materials come from Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified operations.

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